We've been involved in Specialized sheet metal Fabrication and customized equipment manufacturing for over 25 years. Our history dates back to 1971 when Mr. S. Nasir Husain, the present Chief Executive formed a company in Karachi, Pakistan by the name 'Fabricon' to provide specialized engineering service to local industry and to cater for the custom manufacturing needs of the pakistani industry. 

HEAVY AND LIGHT FABRICATIONS . Large Field-Erected Fuel/Oil Storage Tanks, Fire fighting vehicles. High pressure tanks, Steel sheds.Water Bowzers, Tanks & Bitumen Heating Tanks, Heavy steel sliding doors. Heavy/medium steel Rapiform®
scaffolding, Steel moulds for precast concrete elements.

MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT Conveyor belts (Baggage Handling). Trough Type Conveyors, Gravity roller conveyors, Overhead traveling cranes. Mobile gantry cranes, Material storage MetaPalletsTm etc, FabLift™ Mobile Scissor from 16 to 40 Ft, Pneumatic Bulk Grain Handling Systems.

PROCESS INDUSTRY EQUIPMENT Heat exchangers, Heat generators and
transmissions systems, Water softening plant based on Ion Exchange Resins, Drying ovens for chemical and other industries, Cooling towers, Chemical reactor vessels, Air washers. Humidifiers, Steam or refrigerant condensers and evaporators, Ice making plants, Water treatment plants, FabFreeze™ Prefabricated Cold Storage System, Line of Industrial Centrifugal Blowers & Axial Fans.

STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTIONS Stainless steel tanks, Multipurpose
industrial centrifugal fans, Air exhausting conveying & drying system, Central hot water boilers.

Stainless Steel Mixing vessels, Stainless Steel Pressure vessels, FabSteam™ Steam Generators, Ovens (Batch type), S.S. Storage Bins & Drums, Rapiform® scaffolding system, Pharmaceutical application machinery, Autoclaves, S.S. Piping, S.S. Storage trays, S.S. Special fabrications.

AUTOMOTIVE SPARES/PARTS Suspension parts for Suzuki range of Vehicles, Turn Signal Brackets for motor cycles, Mass production spares/parts etc.

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