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A factory with full facilities of gas, electric, TIG and MIG/MAG welding, precision sheet metal work and equipped with complete die manufacturing and press shop facilities, plus a powerful back-up designing facility to cater to specialized engineering needs, and conventional facilities exists for turning, drilling, plate rolling, plate bending, plate punching, pressing and milling etc with neccessary staff on a covered floor area of 4000 Sq.Ft. on an industrial area plot of 5000 Sq.Yards. A complete and fully equipped Drawing and drafting office exists with qualified draughtsmen also utilizing CAD (Computer Aided Designing) system.

  1. CMC British Clearing Mechanical Press Brake, 150 Tons.
  2. Capacity: 14’ x 3/8”. 30 strokes/Min.
  3. with full length Top Tooling and bottom Multi Vee Blocks.
  4. Shearing Machine, 10’ upto 6mm Plate Shearing, Make: CBC Italy.
  5. Specialized Storage Tank Lifting & Erecting hydraulic
  6. ‘Climbing’ Jacks for Tank Erection in Minimum time.16 Sets.
  7. Hydraulic Press 60 Tons.
  8. Power Press Mechanical 30 Tons.
  9. Power Press Mechanical 70 Tons.
  10. Plate Bending Rolls. Max. 12mm plate thickness,width 2500mm.
  11. Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine upto 6” Dia. Pipe.
  12. Throatless Plate Shearing Machine.
  13. Rotary Plate Shearing Machine.
  14. Electric Motor Driven Sheet Cutting Machine. (NIBBLER).
  15. Diesel Driven Atlas-Copco 200 CFM Capacity Air Compressor.
  16. Portable Sand Blasting Machine.
  17. Diesel Electric Generator 100 KVA.Make: F.G. Wilson, U.K.


  1. Lathe Machine - 5 Feet Bed.
  2. Lathe Machine - 7 Feet bed.
  3. Shaper Stroke 26".
  4. Heavy duty Radial Drilling Machine suitable upto 2" size hole.
  5. Heavy Duty Radial Drillling Machine with rise and fall traversing head. Make: Archdale, U.K.
  6. Knee type Universal Vertical Milling Machine, Make: Bridgeport, U.K., table size 10” x 42”.
  7. Horizontal Milling Machine, Make: Adcock Shipley, U.K., Table Size: 10” x 40”.
  8. Hydraulic Surface Grinder with Magnetic Chuck, (PIC) Stroke 18”, Make: Surivener Supersurface, U.K.
  9. Pillar Drill 1-1/4".
  10. Bench Mounted Drill 1/2".
  11. Bench Mounted Drill 1-1/8".
  12. Portable Drill Machines.
  13. Sawing Machine 14" Blade Max. Rod size 6" Dia.
  14. High Speed Circular Bandsaw, Hydraulic with Automatic Feed. Make: Sawmaster, U.K.
  15. Fixed Grinders.
  16. Disc Grinders.
  17. Flexible Grinders.
  18. High Speed Abrasive Cut-Off Machine.
  19. High Speed Portable Die Grinder.
  20. Pneumatic Die Grinder.
  21. Pneumatic Angle Grinder 7".
  22. Pneumatic Rivetting Hammer, 30 Blows/Sec.
  23. Pneumatic Rivetting Chisel.
  24. Pipe Coil Forming Machine 10 mm to 65 mm diameter pipe size.
  25. Polyurethane (PU) & Polyvinyl (PVC) Conveyor belt "Z” finger jointing press.1220 mm width.


  1. Gas Welding Apparatus. 4 sets.
  2. Automatic Electric Motor Driven Cutter. 2 sets.
  3. Automatic Acetylene Profile Cutting Machine. (PIC)
  4. D.C. Electric Arc Welding Motor Generator
  5. 375 AMPs. KC 375 ESAB, Made in Sweden. 6 sets.
  6. Welding Transformers 180 AMPs.
  7. Welding Transformers 350 - 450 AMPs. 16 sets.
  8. TIG Welding Machine 320 AMPs for Stainless Steel Works.
  9. MIG/MAC CO2 Welding Machine 340 AMPs.
  10. TIG Welding Machine, BOC, Transarc DC 150,Sabre Arc PW200.
  11. Seam Welding Machine.
  12. Welding Tool Kits.
  13. Spot Welding Machine 300 AMPs.
  14. Hot Air Jet Plastic Welding Machine.


  1. Dynamic Balancing Machine.
  2. Four Wheel Travelling Derrick 3 tons capacity.
  3. Travelling Derrick one ton capacity.
  4. Chain Pulley Blocks of sizes.
  5. Hydraulic Jacks.
  6. Electric Motor Driven Heat Exchanger Tube Rolling Equipment Electronically Controlled.
  7. Sheet Forming and Rolling Machine for Cooling Tower Fill.
  8. Die For Eliminators.
  9. Sheet Forming Machine Tinman.
  10. Blacksmith Hand Furnace.
  11. Small Tools and Measuring Apparatus.
  12. Gas Fired Heat Treatment Furnace.
  13. Gas Fired Paint Baking Oven.
  14. Overhead Travelling Gantry Crane of`(PIC.) 5 tons capacity with Electrical Hoist 3 Tons.
  15. Engine Diven Fork Lift Truck, Capacity: 1500 KGs. Lifting Height: 3 M.