High Speed Tubelights Testing M/C.

Railings & Ladders.

Fuselage Jig For T-37

Tea Silo Hoppers.

Stainless Steel Penstock.

Prefab Guard Rooms.

Couplings & Flanges for K-2.

Cast Iron Sluice Gates.

Storage Racks & Pailets.

Hydraulic Platform & Moving Shed.

Sluice Gates for I.C.I. Raw WaterSupply Project.

1820 mm dia Steel Pipe Line.

Bitumen Storage Tanks.


Fabjoint straight Coupling & Flange Adopters.

Stop Logs & Gates KWSB.

Construction of Storage Tank Farm.

Superstructure of Edible Oil (Refinery Building).

Skid Mounted Mess Caravans.

Stainless Steel Tanks.

Pneumatic Conveying Machine & Steel Platform.

E V. Trough Conveyor, Feeder ChutesCrusher Screws & Softn Plant.

Bitumen Heating Tank Silos & Hoppers.

Lock & Gate for Kinjhar Lake.

Bitumen Tank 40 Tons.

Liftin Beam for Stop Logs.

Overhead Travelling Crane for Stop Logs.

Air Cooling Blower Fan 18000 CPM.

Sliding Door for Gawadar Fish Harbour.

10 Tons Overhead Travelling Crane.

Steel Structure for Roller Cone.

Pneumatic Chili Conveying System.

Modular Pallet Storage Racks.

Turbo Blower Centrifugal Fans.

Pneumatic Chili Conveying System.

Hydraulic Press.

Compressed Air After Cooler for Atlas Copco Compressor.

Schock Absorber Dynamic Testing Machine.

Fire Doors.

Crane Tanks & Beams.

Security Light Poles.

Samplinq Units.

Rack for Agro Chem Ware House.

Stainless Steel Storage Vessels.

700 Ltr. Water Tow Trailers.

Silos for Rein Storage.

Air Compressor Cylinder Tank.

Travelling Crane.

Mint Distillation Unit.

Conveyor Belt at Islamabad Airport.

Air Condition of Sub-offices of State Bank of Pakistan.

Water Chilling Plant.

Fabrication of Tank on Ford Chassis.

Dry Fruit Ceonveyor.

Fuel Oil Storage Tank.

water Cooling Tower.

Drift Eliminator of Morley Cooling ETower.

Cooling Towers for 1000 GPM.

Centrifugal Fan.

Fabrication of Expansion Joints.

Gas Fired Baking Oven.

Cooling Tower, Heat Exchanger Brine Chillers.

Edible Oil Storage Tanks of foo tons capacity.

40 Tons Ammonia Chilling Plant.

30 Tons Ammonia Chilling Plant.