Research & Development

We are a highly research and development oriented organisation and are
mainly involved in design and development of highly technical and advanced equipment and products for the requirement of local customers and in a sense our customers are a driving force for this research and most of our time is spent on research and subsequent development of prototypes of numerous products.

We can be proud in saying that we have developed a number of firsts in
Pakistanís Engineering history using local talent and local resources. Among the products pioneered in Pakistan are:

  • Baggage Handling conveyor belts in every conceivable configurations,
  • Centrifugal Blowers and Turbo Pressure Blowers for Glass Industries,
  • Cooling Towers,
  • Heat Exchangers,
  • Pressure Vessels,
  • Insulated Steel Sliding Doors,
  • Complete Package type Distillation Systems,
  • Insulated Cubicles and Insulated Porta Cabins etc.

Among all the specialized equipment we had developed, We are again
pleased to announce that we have yet again pioneered high speed
packaging machines fully computerised to automate the tiresome process
of packing operations returning world class packing qulaity.

We had successfully developed and commissioned a very high speed
fluorescent tube lights packing and testing machine PLC controlled for a
local concern.

This machine is a fully automatic Fluorescent Tube Lights Packing and
Testing Machine with the entire machine operations being carried out by
a Programmable Logic Controller and this packing machine can be operated
by a single operator thus saving a tremendous manpower in the long run.
The salient Features and specifications of this machine are:

This is a high speed tube lights testing and packing machine with packing rate in between 1300 - 1500 tube lights/hour depending upon the feeding speed of packing material and tube lights. (Manually it requires about 50 manhour to only pack this much tube lights). The machine comprises of following assemblies:

  • Paper Un-coiler, Paper Crimpler, Paper cutter, Paper feeder,
  • Tube Light Conveyor,
  • Gum tape dispenser, Gum Tape Cutter,
  • Tube lights testing station etc.
  • 16 I/O Programmable Logic Controller.
  • Proximity sensors, Infrared sensors and controls etc.